Examples of projects


Seznam | Dlouhodobý projekt HR development, OMT s.r.o.

SEZNAM CZ – complete introduction of a system for assessment and development of the internal education system

Our consultants and trainers prepared and implemented a new system for assessment of company employees across the company and all regions. This especially concerned preparation of TOP management for this extensive change, techniques for its implementation and training of key employees, including development and implementation of internal training for assessment of employees. We are also participating in implementation of training sessions for teamwork, conducting of strategic, operational and commercial meetings and participating in development of a system of training for new and existing dealers. Other than this project, we participated in preparation and presentation of the project in terms of the “Training is an opportunity” programme.

Objective: extension of the portfolio of internal training sessions and implementation of a new system for assessment and remuneration of employees.

Output: new training sessions offered by the personnel, a completely implemented system of assessment and remuneration.