Examples of projects


ČSOB | Dlouhodobý projekt Outdoor management training, OMT s.r.o

ČSOB – systematic development of the bank’s client centre
The original aim of this VIP client was to select and establish a stable team of employees for the newly created ČSOB client centre. Thanks to the professional success of the graduates, cooperation which had clearly defined limits and objectives in the beginning, grew to also include further systematic education for and development of employees in ČSOB. The main core topics of the courses and training sessions include teamwork, team roles, communication, stress management, assertiveness and effective communication. Selected courses also included diagnostics for individuals in relation to teamwork, output from which was subsequently used for further development of employees in ČSOB.   

Objective: deepening of teamwork and pro-client orientation of employees
Output: recommendation for teamwork and in terms of preparation and selection of team leaders