Trainers and Coaches


Jan is a graduate of the University of Hradec Králové in the field of social pedagogy. He has been focused for a long time on development of activities in the OMT portfolio towards improvement of the quality of their pedagogical merit. As a trainer, he specialises in development of teamwork, communication skills, but also the problems of the ability to grasp knowledge and techniques in the field of lean management and their communication and acceptance by lower levels of management and manual workers.

In terms of long-term cooperation with the client, he is able to provide consultation for preparation of e-learning educational systems (especially the Moodle or WebCT platforms). In OMT, he is a supervisor for projects implemented for the Ministry of Education and Youth with a focus on a healthy climate in special-interest and informal education and inclusion of children with specific educational needs into special-interest and informal education. He also works as a supervisor for programmes with an adventure pedagogy orientation.

Training experience:

Grupo antolin, HYPO, Prima TV, Impress, Okin, Onyx, Zentiva, UPC and others

Education, attestations and certificates gained etc.

  • Mgr. – University of Hradec Králové
  • Facilitation skills in practice
  • Official facilitator at the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports – National Institute of Children and Youth