Trainers and Coaches


Renata is a trainer and coach in the OMT group. In terms of her work, she specialises in personality development, work with personal, individual goals and targeted change in habits. She has recently been giving priority to coaching. Among other things, in the past she worked as a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and cooperated with MF Dnes as a publicist in the field of human resources and healthy lifestyle. She is a member of the International Association of Coaching and an accredited professional coach. In our company, among other things, she guarantees extensive projects for development of soft skills. She has devoted herself to use of therapeutic methods in the commercial and non-commercial sphere over the long term. She is a graduate of the Skálův institute in Prague in the field of innovative solutions and integrative psychotherapy. She is exceptional in her approach to the self-experience of participants in courses focused on development of thinking, proactivity and self-knowledge courses.

Training experience:

Federal Mogul, ČKD, TFA alfa a další


  • Certified professional coach