HR training

HR training | Employee education

We develop and train you, your teams and individuals. We increase the productivity of your company.


  • Customer orientation, individual approach, quality, detail orientation, coherence
  • Tailor-made training for customer
  1. Needs and options identification
  2. Training activity design – solving proposal of training activity
  3. Training activity implementation
  4. Feedback – training activity effectivity evaluation
  5. Recommended progress of following training and development
  • Constant improving and enlarging portfolio of our services and reaction on market needs
  • Team expanding on experts from practice
  • Solve and projects financed by the European Social Fund and the Operational Programme


  • Lectors with relevant experience in company
  • Programs build on experience from practice
  • Understandable and graspable theory
  • Multistage model for evaluating quality and efficiency
  • Detailed preparation of each program
  • Establishing of clear goals for the participants to apply the knowledge in their work
  • On specific tasks, which help participants to apply new experience into practice
  • On feedback for the participants


  • Accreditation by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
  • We are members of the Professional Association for Experiential Learning and Adult Education
  • We increase the efficiency of companies through effective training and education
  • You are in hands of experienced trainers from company practice
  • We increase the productivity of companies through balanced combination of experience and modern control theory
  • We individually deal with needs of ours and yours customers
  • We implement principles of experiential learning, training and development tréninku a rozvoje based on personal experience
  • We do not only test the employees’ knowledge but also their skills

„We shift human limits and want to stay with you. Experiences will stay for life time and shift us constantly forward.  So why to stay behind.“