team building

team building activities & outdoor courses


  • We specialize in corporate teambuilding
  • We focus on increasing team performance
  • We change inappropriate and non-functional team habits
  • We increase the effectiveness of communication inside the team and mutually between teams
  • Diagnostic courses are led exclusively by a psychologist
  • Through feedback, we transfer experiences from the courses into practice
  • Individual and team coaching sessions are led by certified coaches
  • We understand  teambuilding, we are here for you for 16 years


OMT Group Company focuses on team organizing of building activities for more than 16 years already. Team building is perceived as an important element of team cooperation development. Team building activities are also a suitable supplement of employee education.

Properly chosen course and be fluently followed by training seminar. It can deepen the acquired knowledge, improve team work and increase whole team performance. An important element is to provide feedback to all the course participants.


The most common benefit of team building activities is team work deepening. Team work deepening leads to increased performance of the whole team, efficient communication within the team, helps in goal orientation and increases employee motivation.


Podzimní teambuilding
Noční teambuildingové hry
Firemní teambuilding
Teambuildingová aktivita - lukostřelba
Teambuilding - cyklo výlet za pěkného počasí
Zimní teambuildingová aktivita - psí spřežení
Teambuildingová aktivita - střelba z kuše
Teambuilding - dobývání hradu
Teambuilding - týmová spolupráce
Teambuilding - ice break aktivity
Teambuilding - nízké lanové překážky
Teambuilding - dračí lodě
Teambuildingová aktivita - jízda na Segway
Teambuildingová aktivita - vysoké lanové překážky
Teambuilding na přehradě Orlík
Teambuildingová strategická hra
Teambuilding - táhneme společně
Nízké lanové překážky - teambuilding
Teambuilding - ice break aktivity
Teambuilding - využití GPS
Teambuilding - tvorba týmové vlajky
Teambuilding - psí spřežení
Teambuilding - fotoworkshop
Teambuilding - příprava na sjezd řeky
Problem solvingové aktivity
Teambuilding - týmov lyže
Zimní teambuilding
Teambuilding na vodě
Teambuilding - lezení
Teambuilding aktivita - problem solving