Team Building tour through the beauty of Bohemian Paradise

  • team building in the heart of Bohemian Paradise

  • scooters, canoes, abseiling ...

  • team building activities during the move

  • locality: Bohemian Paradise - Kozákov, Malá Skála, Dolánky, Skalní město Prachov

  • number of participants: 10 - 250 persons


The team expedition literally across the Bohemian Paradise offers its participants, above all, unique natural scenery, historical attractions and, of course, attractive team building and outdoor activities.

Team Building tour through the beauty of Bohemian Paradise​ programme:

Secret arrival by bus to the highest point of Bohemian Paradise - Kozakov. After a regional quiz situated at the top of the lookout tower, the participants are divided into action teams of about 6-9 members. In these teams, they then set off at intervals. In the first phase, the participants of the team building program complete a ridge passage on kick bikes. During the crossing, they undergo problemsolving activities at lookout points. In the second phase of the team building expedition, they hand over the kick bikes and set out on a walking / cross-country orienteering, again enriched with a task, now a rope obstacle.

Team building in Bohemian Paradise
Team building in Bohemian Paradise - abseiling (optional)
Team building in Bohemian Paradise - canoes

After completing the previous activity, the participants will receive kick bikes again and with the final descent around the monumental Suché skály they will get to Malá Skála. Here they will replenish their strength in the famous Old Bohemian pub Bouček's farm. Than they get canoes, after the Jizera they descend about 12 km to Dolánky near Turnov to the legendary pub called Zrcadlová koza. This is where the first day ends, followed by BBQ dinner and team drumming session.

The next day continues in the spirit of discovering the beauties of nature in the Bohemian Paradise.

Team building in Bohemian Paradise - kick bikes
Team building expedition in Bohemian Paradise
Team building in Bohemian Paradise - rafts

Team Building tour what you can see and experience:

  • panoramic ride on kick bikes
  • team challenges and non-traditional tasks
  • abseiling (optional)
  • work with the map and orientation in the field (and the problem)
  • beautiful nature of Bohemian Paradise
  • river rafting on canoes / rafts
  • sports activities by the river (beach volleyball, croquet, slack line ...)
  • original gastro experience
  • team drumming
  • evening party by the fire

We often use the Hotel Karel IV for team building through the Bohemian Paradise in Turnov. The hotel has everything you need for your corporate event and team building - excellent cuisine, great conference facilities and above all an excellent location due to outdoor team building.

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