Very popular company program that embraces relaxing atmosphere of well-known public music festivals.

Bearing point of this type of company event is afternoon and evening open-air live production of several music bands – let this be cover / tribute / revival bands or original bands of various genres.  


Full service is our standard:

  • Technical   – stage, sound and lightning technology, special effects including big screen projection, LED panels, live video streams. Photo and video documentation including final attractive postproduction  
  • Interprets – upon your request and preferences, we prepare music and entertainment schedule of the festival. This includes the offer of moderators and emcees it all depends on your taste and character of the audience.
  • Catering – we cooperate with major catering agencies who will excite you with tastes, style, and creativity.
  • Party tents, furniture and seating is a matter of course. As a part of catering services, we are able to offer ecological solutions of waste minimalizing or fully recyclable packaging.
  • Accompanying program is an essential part of Open Air event which depends both on your submission and locality. Open space with body of water on the edge of a city is a perfect environment for such events. The water makes it possible to add fun water activities to those organized on land.  

Favourite complementary activities during major events are Dragon boats races, always attractive both for competitors and viewers.


Suggested activities to use at your corporate Open Air festival:

  • Adrenaline activities – paintball, archery attack, rope obstacles, archery, blowpipes, slingshots, etc.  

  • Creative activities – mobile graffiti wall or large canvas for company collage, air photo / video of all participants made by drones  

  • Water activities – aquazorbing, stand up paddle board, giant SUP 

  • Wakeboarding and water ski (towed by speedboat or lift)  

  • Windsurfing classes and scuba diving classes

  • Rowing in racing skiff with Olympic medallist Václav Chalupa  

  • Dragon boat racing – full day program of company teams  

More activities depending on your need for action and on the weather on the day of the event.  

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