Team building for your teams

  • Focus on improving team performance
  • We specialize in corporate team building
  • We streamline communication within and between teams
  • Diagnostic courses are conducted exclusively by a psychologist
  • Transferring experience from courses to practice
  • We understand team building, we have over 20 years of experience


Team building Agency OMT group has been organizing team building and events for more than 20 years. Team building is still seen as an important element in the development of team cooperation. Corporate team building is a suitable complement to employee training. Team building activities can seamlessly build on an educational seminar, deepen your knowledge, improve team collaboration and increase team efficiency. An important element is providing feedback to all team building participants.


Deepening teamwork is the most common benefit that team building brings to you. Deepening teamwork leads to increased performance of the whole team, streamline communication within the group, helps in goal orientation and increases employee motivation.


Team building is not only activities and trainings, but above all the daily work of managers and team members to develop relationships and atmosphere in the team

Well-built team building should be used as a start for a new team, for a significant personnel change in a team, or for maintaining an efficient and healthy team. Also as a restart after a stress period, crises etc. Team building in its absolute majority is based on experiential education. Participants go through many activities and model situations, which are built primarily "experientially". They also often take place outdoors in nature. It is essential to perceive that the physical and motor skills of the participants must not decide on the success and outcome of individual model situations and experiential games.