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In the segment of corporate events and team building, dragon boat races are a very common and popular addition to water entertainment programs. It is difficult to imagine an activity in which teamwork is so important. Dragonboating is a team water sport where up to 22 individuals have a common interest, live a common goal and spirit.

Men and women sit in the same boat to demonstrate together that they can do much more than an individual as a team.

dragon boat cometition - company team building
dragon boat race - racing enthusiasm
Dragon boat race - team interaction

Coherence and teamwork exceed the performance of the individual. Joint success means shared joy and celebration. Dragonboating brings unprecedented experiences associated with sports and social activities, which is one of the most team sports in the world.

DRAGON BOAT RACE will bring you

It is this sport that brings with it an incredible interplay, which is indispensable here. In the boat, everyone sits close to each other, sharing the nervousness before the race, the adrenaline of the start command, racing enthusiasm and the joy of a possible win.

The highlight of a quality teambuilding program is always the dragon boat race, which brings real emotions and experiences. The races are preceded by preparation so that the newly formed team has time to reconcile and can increase their chances in the race.

dragon boat race - unusual experience
dragon boat race and Stand Up Paddleboard
dragon boat race and MEGA Stand Up Paddleboard

Of course, dragon boats can also be used for a number of other activities, such as sightseeing rides at a slow pace, rides through city centers and much more.


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