• Men in skirts!

  • Scottish atmosphere

  • Traditional disciplines

  • Scottish music and bagpipers

  • Venue: Wherever you want

  • Number of participants: 10 - 1500UložitUložit


The history of the Highland Games dates back to the 11th century, when Scottish warriors began to compete with each other in strength, dexterity and courage. Highland games are suitable as an all-day or half-day sports company day for small groups, as well as for entire company departments. In all disciplines you can compete both in teams and individually.

Highland games
Highland games - anusual activities
Highland games - demonstrations of falconry


The basis of the Highland Games and your corporate event are tradicional disciplines, which include:

  • Sheaf toss - the most attractive discipline thanks to unique tools; pitchfork and straw bale
  • Caber toss - in this discipline is to focus mainly on technique and accuracy of the impact of log
  • Stone put - Celtic ancestor of the shot put
  • Weight throw - one-handed free style throw with weights
  • Weight over the bar - throwing weights over a high bar is a real challenge
  • Scottish hammer throw - an Olympic predecessor, but still uses a hammer with a handle
  • Tug of war - a classic discipline in which the strength of individual clans or teams is shown exactly

In Scotland are precise weighting criteria and rules for all difficult disciplines. However, it can be made more difficult or even simpler for your corporate event!

Highland games - throw weights
Scottish style corporate event
Highland games - Caber toss

Highland games - accompanying program

However, Scottish games would never be complete without an accompanying program. It is always diverse and never lacks a tartan pattern, kilts, bagpipes or Scottish dances. Other activities can be included during disciplines or as an style ending of the whole day.

  • Demonstrations of falconry
  • Scotch whiskey tasting
  • Presentation of the torture of William Wallace
  • Bagpipe game workshop
  • Scottish dance instruction
  • Dressing the kilt on time
  • Photo corner with Scottish props

Skotské hry - panorama

Remember, typically rainy and foggy weather is not part of the program as standard!

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