• catch the phantom!

  • teamwork and joint cooperation

  • win-win effect

  • non-traditional acquaintance with the selected destination

  • Kutná Hora, Mikulov, Hradec Králové, Prague, Bratislava, Telč and other beautiful Czech historical towns 

  • Number of persons: 8 - 550


Discover the hiding place of a mysterious phantom and experience non-traditional but very pleasant teambuilding in the town centre. As part of a physically undemanding walk around the selected town, you will visit well-known tourist attractions, you will also get to lesser-known places. During the day, you perform non-traditional tasks that put you in an active role and give you a feeling of attractive knowledge of the selected destination.

Team building in the historical town center - What awaits you?

• royal fun in the royal city - experiential team building 

• 3T: team developing, team building and team strengthening program - spiced with a unique genius loci

• creative tasks that move the brain threads

• gourmet experience as a highlight of the day

Team building in the historical center
Team building in the historical center of Kutna Hora
Team building in the town center - team cooperation

Team building in the historical town center - What will it bring you?

• personal development: transformation from individual to team mindset

• "corporate values" and "corporate culture" will start to make sense far beyond the office wall

Activities for you: an original workshop in the historic mint, a damn good tasting of chocolate and wine, the collective capture of the rebel phantom....

Tablet version:

  • Each team will receive an Apple iPad tablet with an interactive application tailored to the event.
  • In the application you will find a map with an overview of habitats, multimedia quizzes, photo tracks with a "picture match" function and clues leading to the phantom.
Tasks are teambuilding activities or quizzes. After fulfilling them, you gradually gain clues to capture the phantom of the city. Teamwork within this teambuilding program will ensure your success.
The phantom can hide in a local renowned restaurant or in one of the most beautiful vantage points, where you can finally achieve a teambuilding win-win effect.

Team building in the centre of Mikulov
Team building in the historical town center -win win
Team building in town center

Non-traditional team building activities of the Phantom of the town program:

  • ​Carriage ride
  • minting of commemorative coins
  • visit to the historic underground
  • cruise ship
  • ride a historic tram
  • riding a segway
  • tasting of selected chocolates
  • visit to a local microbrewery
  • wine tasting in the local wine shop ...

Team building in the historical town - Mikulov win win
Teambuilding activities in the town
Teambuilding activities - Phantom

Team building in the historical town center - inquiry



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